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Sunny has worked hard to improve Upper Macungie residents' safety and quality of life.

Image by Patrick Tomasso


A Tireless Passion For Community Service

Sunny spearheaded opposition against the development of Old Dominion Freight Line's truck terminal in the township.  He persuaded the Board of Supervisors to appeal their Zoning Hearing Board's decision to allow the facility and personally negotiated with the developer to call off the construction.

He successfully organized community resistance against a 135-foot high cube warehouse abutting neighboring homes in Pointe West.   Sunny worked with the township to oppose the developer's requests for waivers and relaxed ordinances which would allow these high rise warehouses to be developed throughout the township and perhaps the region.  

As a resident, he rewrote and got ordinances passed to reduce future trucking terminal development.  Sunny also initiated efforts to get truck parking and route restrictions implemented throughout Upper Macungie.


As the Chair of the Good Neighbor Coalition, he worked with township officials, UMT police and local businesses to implement the new restrictions. He collaborated with local authorities and PennDOT to install new truck restriction signage throughout the township and construct overhead "wind chimes" on Farm Bureau and Schantz Roads to further prevent trucks from entering prohibited areas. 

While Sunny has assisted township residents with truck traffic and quality of life concerns in Cameo Woods, Coldwater Crossing, and homes on Cetronia and Trexlertown Roads, he has also aided residents of other Pennsylvania municipalities (Ambridge, PA in Western PA and Upper Mount Bethel, PA in Northampton County) with their trucking and warehouse development challenges.

His efforts for helping others do not stop at smart growth or municipal governance issues.  Sunny has also spent the last decade mentoring Penn State Engineering students; guiding them through their college life and preparing them for their professional careers after college.

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