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Something Incredible Is Happening

Something happened this week that I have not seen in my seven years of activism for smart growth in Upper Macungie. Before I tell you what it is, I would like to remind you of a harrowing event that occurred on September 22, 2019. Around 3 AM, the Heather Glen Senior Living Facility on 415 Blue Barn Road went up in flames.

Through the pure heroic action of our volunteer fire departments, along with our treasured EMS and police departments, eighty-two Upper Macungie seniors were saved from a three-alarm fire where all three UMT volunteer fire companies were called. This facility is only two-stories tall, but this situation is what every first responder dreads. Our most vulnerable senior citizens, already requiring assisted living, woke up confused and terrified inside a fiery building. It was a chaotic scene where first responders had to quickly wake up residents and carry them down ladders to save their lives.

Why am I telling you this?

A new 75’ tall, 5-story, Senior Living Center (Docket #2308) in Fogelsville has been proposed. In case of a fire, the developer has stated that the strategy would be for the residents to “stay in place.” If you find this troubling, you are not alone.

The developer is asking for a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) for the taller, 75’ structure.

I cannot remember a time when the Board of Supervisors has officially objected to any project that has gone before the ZHB. We all wish they had done it with the Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL) facility or the Americold Development, but they did not.

It is commendable that during the last Board of Supervisors meeting, a motion was made and approved to send our solicitor to object to the variance. Although this seems like an obvious course of action, it has not happened before, and it was done only after my public statements made to the Board of Supervisors and before a Morning Call reporter.

It is rewarding to see that our efforts to make Upper Macungie a safer place and improve our quality of life are working. This is what is driving me to run for Supervisor. I cannot do it without your assistance, so please vote for safety, smart growth, and improved quality of life.

Please vote for me to be your next Upper Macungie Township Supervisor.

Stay Safe,

Sunny Ghai

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